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Photo Mosaic   NEW 2018

Photo Mosaic

A Selfie Community Portrait

Sometimes it takes an entire event community to produce the perfect photo. Photo Mosaic stitches together guest selfie event photos to create one large branded collage photo. You select the photo collage design and branding elements. Your event community works together capturing iconic event photos, after enough photos are submitted, they are merged together into a final collage that celebrates your event, and your event guests.

Alone a photo stands as a single message, together they can tell the story of your conference experience. Watch in amazement as event guests discover their photo embedded in the final mosaic.

Make It Social - The marketing magic of Photo Mosaic is driven by your very own mobile website. This branded mobile site collects the Selfie photo, shares event and sponsorship company information and provides a communication channel between event guests and show management. All participants are asked to socially share the final photo mosaic with their friend and colleagues.  Your customized mobile website will ensure your conference and your sponsors messaging will be remembered.

Digital Media Feed – Photo Mosaic includes a digital file that can be out put on a media player or website.

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