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VendPOP   NEW IN 2018


Survey Collection . Social Media Engagement . Product Sampling

VendPOP is a novel promotion that will seize the imagination, cuts through show ad clutter and wow your customers. Attendees are greeted by a vending machine, wrapped in a branded custom decal promoting your company and free vend gifts. 

VendPOP promotion is simple, attendees that want to vend a free gift, send an advertisers message through their social media channel and fill out a survey. Guests simply Tweet or “Like” your advertising message, and out pops a gift. VendPop is perfect for lead generation, product sampling and social media engagement.

Survey Collection - Prior to gifts being vended, guests are required to fill out an advertiser survey. 

Social Media Amplification - We support messaging from the following sources: Twitter, Facebook Likes/Sharing, Instagram, and FourSquare. 

Advertising Features Include 1) Machine decal wrap 2) Survey collection 3) Social media engagement 4) Product sampling



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