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Digital Graffiti Wall  

Digital Graffiti Wall

Digital Graffiti Wall offers an interactive art wall for an amazing expo floor attraction and a memorable advertising experience. The 10' graffiti wall is placed in a high traffic location for all to see and experience. Your company logo and background image will dominant this wall. 

Each guest digitally spray paints their own design, against your custom back ground. Guest follow their creative bliss. Imagine the amazement of attendee foot traffic as these larger than life images take form.

Custom Photo Memento - Digital Graffiti Wall background image is customized with your companies branding and selected image.  For a take home memento, the personal wall image and your advertisement is printed on the spot.

Make It Social - iPad kiosks enable attendees to immediately upload their artwork to their social media accounts and email a digital copy to themselves. These social media activities are completely branded for the advertiser.

Guest Data Capture – As attendees queue for service, advertisers take advantage of this idle time by collecting sales survey information. All guests must answer sales qualifying questions to participate. Your sponsor creates the questions, we report them. 

 Advertising Features - Bold signage will quickly identify the proud sponsor of Graffiti Wall. Uniformed and scripted brand ambassadors will meet and greet your guests. The take home photo and social engagement features are completely customized and branded.


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