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 Powerwash Reverse Graffiti Ads  

Powerwash Reverse Graffiti Ads

Reverse Graffiti - Clean your ad into dirty sidewalks for your next event or ad campaign. It's perfect for eco friendly brands and businesses dedicated to clean outdoor advertising. Picture the amazement of pedestrians as the pass by your clean ads, popping-up on strategically placed street corners, including convention center and host hotel sidewalks.

Social Amplification - Guests are invite to text in to your personal mobile website for contest fun and company facts. Call to action can include “the first 50 people to hunt down the sidewalk ads and e-mail pictures of themselves with the Green Graffiti receive a $15 gift card”.  Your chalk art mobile web site creating amazing social media chatter and conversation.

Here's How We Do It - We place an ad template on a dirty sidewalk, then run a pressure washer over it. It leaves a very clean visible message without being permanent or destructive. No chemicals are used.

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