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Arcade Lounge & Contest  

Arcade Lounge & Contest

Give your attendees fun and entertaining gaming experience and wrap a complete sponsorship around it. Multiple arcade games are available to choose from including: golf long ball, NASCAR Driving, pinball & more.  Arcade Lounge allows guests to play time honored games and compete for prizes. Top performers names are listed on a digital leaderboard for all to see and bragging rights. Top finishers received daily prizes. This promotion will drive foot traffic to your sponsor’s booth and deliver their message in a meaningful and interactive environment.

Data Capture – Gaming pods are an exciting and entertaining way to collect sales intelligence. To gain access to play, all event guests are screened; badges scanned and are required to answer three qualifying sales questions. During the event, each survey respondent will be sent a follow-up sales email from the sponsor.

Brand Immersion – Bold graphics wall dominate this booth, complete with your branding. Each prospect spends 10 minutes at this promotion. Your message will be heard and remembered.



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