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Clean The World  

Clean The World

Save Lives

Corporate Responsibility - If you are looking for a charitable promotion that will engage attendees and exhibitors look no further, Clean Our Planet is for you. When attendees stay at hotel rooms, thousands of soaps and shampoos will be discarded daily. Instead of throwing away these products, let’s get socially responsible!

Save Lives - In an effort to prevent needless deaths, the thousands of products collected at host hotels will be distributed along with appropriate educational materials to impoverished countries worldwide and to domestic homeless shelters. Why is collecting soap important? Each year more than five million lives are lost to diseases because of unavailable soap. Studies have shown that simple hand washing substantially reduces the spread of diseases and associated deaths. Let’s work together for this great cause.

Public Relations Bonanza - Each participating hotel bathroom will include a promotional card giving your company credit as the underwriters of this great cause. Your advertisement will be displayed on the hotel bathroom sign that will be seen daily by your guests.


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