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Garage Inventions & Social  

Garage Inventions & Social

Wow Experience - One Of A Kind Inventions provides an unique opportunity to awe and inspire your attendees with a gallery of cutting edge homemade inventions. This is cutting edge development at its roots.

At-home inventors are brought in and featured in a museum-like setting to showcase their homegrown inventions, robotics, rockets, alternative transportation vehicles and other engineering feats. The gallery showcases a wide-range of inventions and includes informational posters and interactive opportunities to experience cutting-edge technology.

Targeted Promotion - Invite your guests into a world of fun and innovation to explore homemade inventions on-site and meet the makers who brought them to life. Visitors can get their hands on James Bond-worthy electronic gizmos and sustainability innovations then leave feeling inspired with a story to share about this unique experience.

Promotion Features Include - makers & inventions, assembly of gallery, invention informational posters and advertiser event signage

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