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Health Challenge  

Health Challenge

Run Of Promotion - The Health Challenge (HC) will be designed as a “circuit of health activities” that will take 10 minutes to complete. The circuit will consist of an estimated 4 activities that will challenge participants mentally, physically and provide the spirit of fun.

Contest - Prizes will be award every day to the top three individuals and top three teams participants.  In addition, the events top three scores will be awarded prizes. Prizes will include engraved and branded ribbon medals. Other grander prizes can be offer by show management.

Leaderboard – Contestants scores will be posted in real time on digital leaderboard. Watch as guests gather and discuss their results. Our leaderboards are branded for each sponsor.

Healthy Facts - Basketball, golf and Health Challenges other gaming elements have proven health benefits. These health facts can be effectively communicated or included within the Health Challenge. Suggest methods include signage, post cards, or health trivia as one of the circuit elements.

Advertising Features - Bold sponsors signage will quickly identify the proud sponsor of Head Shots. As attendees queue compete, sponsors can take advantage of this idle time by collecting sales survey information, distribution of literature and conversation. 

Data Collection 3D will provide an opportunity to ask attendees sales questions and if they would like follow up product/ company information. Questions can be asked pre or post contest.

Projected Performance - This promotion runs 98% to capacity, we project 1,650 guests participants, the average guest spends 15 minutes engaged with your brand in booth. Including t-shirts, signage and traffic cards, we estimate 120,000 ad impressions.

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