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Live Mobile Giving  

Live Mobile Giving

You Select The Cause, We Promote Giving

The Mobile Giving brings the power and reach of mobile phones to nonprofit organizations as a new fundraising and donor interaction mechanism. Through the Mobile Giving Foundation, non-profits can leverage the ubiquity of mobile without the complexity, expand and cultivate a new base of givers and create permissive donor interaction.

Adverting Features – The proud sponsor branding will appear on the mobile web site, show wide signs and Dailey push messages and social media announcements.

Social Amplification – companies, individuals and goal drive will be published on the events social media channels to see and applaud.

Pre Event Promotion - 3D will provide pre event on-line registration forms for use in your emails campaigns or website. This will build participation and company advertising before the event even begins.

Screencasting  - Screencasting is a great way to generate excitement and increase fundraising results at a live event. Each text (which contains the donor’s name, donation amount, and even an encouraging message) can appear on a giant screen at your event. The interactive thermometer will rise as the donations come in while the digital clock ticks down to encourage donors to hurry and text in their donation to ultimately reach the goal amount.

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