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Massage Break Lounge  

Massage Break Lounge

Solution To Convention Tension – 3D will provide massage therapists, offering complimentary five to ten minute on-site chair massage. The promotion is simple - give your attendees free shoeshine and wrap a complete sponsorship around it.

Brand Emersion –Each prospect spends 15 minutes at this promotion. Your message will be heard and remembered.

Drive Booth Traffic - This live guest experience will drive foot traffic to your booth and deliver your messaging in an engaging way. To drive foot traffic to your booth, all event guests are given a shoeshine card at registration, complete with your company’s name, message and booth number. To qualify for a shoeshine they must go to the sponsor’s booth for a validation stamp.

Data Capture – all guests must answer sales qualifying questions to participate. Your sponsor creates the questions, we report them.

Projected Performance - This promotion runs 98% to capacity, the average guest spends 10 minutes engaged with your brand in booth. Including t-shirts.

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