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Mobile Charger Monitor Max  

Mobile Charger Monitor Max

3D Mobile Charger & Advertising Station features 18 phone charging cords and two advertisings and sponsorship opportunities. Those advertising opportunities include huge high-resolution media player that plays video, slide shows or static ads and a base- plate advertising billboard.

Oversized Monitor - 3D Media Player, Video & Pictures measure a whopping 27” 3/5 H X 15” 3/5 W.

Base Plate Billboards – each unit boasts a large base plate ad, measuring 288” sq./inches.

Operational DetailsElectricity – 120 volts, Pack Weight – 140 lbs, unit weight 120 lbs & Supports - 18 devices: iPhone, Blackberry (Both Micro USB and Mini USB), HTC phones, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, LG and other devices. 


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