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Mobile Trivia Challenge  

Mobile Trivia Challenge

educate attenedes about your event & industry

Test attendee knowledge of association facts or sponsor trivia through a fun mobile phone contest. Anyone can play, simply text in and your very own customized mobile website is delivered into the palms of your contestants hands.

Attendees progress through a series of event or sponsor questions using their mobile phone. Attendees that correctly answer all questions are entered into a daily prize drawing. It’s the perfect promotion to educate attendees about each sponsor and your association. Attendees will need to move about the booth to find correct sponsor answers.

Mobile Messaging - Once guests are registered to play, bonus questions or sponsor information can be sent to them, increasing the games advertising value.

Sponsor Listings - Each advertiser is given a listing that includes: company description, product photos and contact information.

Data Collection – Want to find out information about each contestant? Mobile Trivia can capture user demographic information. You ask the questions, we report them.

Move Foot Traffic - If you want to move foot traffic about your event, guests are required to go to different show floor locations to collect correct answers.

iPad Kiosk – Mobile phones are not your thing? Trivia contest can be administered through iPad Kiosks instead.

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