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Patient Education Posters  

Patient Education Posters

Brand Emersion - Branded posters with personalized attendee names are very popular exhibitor or business forum presenter gift. 3D Media creates multiple poster art templates, attendee selects their choice, and then 3D prints personalized attendee name and message on their selection. 3D will work with you to create three memorable pieces of artwork, concepts included.

Here is how Branded Posters Work: 3D collects prospects name and survey information. The prospects name is then printed on the take away poster. The prospects waits two minutes for poster to print, a perfect opportunity for the exhibitor to meet and greet. Engaging: Nothing gets the attention like your own name in print. In just a few clicks, prospects can choose their poster style, add their name, and company.

Data Collection -  While the poster is printing, your sales reps will have an opportunity to pitch each prospect. Memorable: A great giveaway gets attention and prospects will be talking about their customized poster and company.

Run of Promotion - 3D collects prospects name, the prospects and practice name is printed on Patient Education poster, poster is hand delivered to prospect or poster is mailed to prospects address.

Promotion Features IncludePoster distribution kiosk, on-site printing and scripted brand ambassadors

Turnkey Activation - Production, Installation & Measured Performance

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