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Silent Auction & Fundraiser  

Silent Auction & Fundraiser

Fund Raiser - Silent auction fundraisers are a great way to raise money for any foundation or organization. Items are displayed and the highest bidder wins at shows end. This is a very simple and extremely effective.

Exhibitor Advertising - Since silent auction fundraisers attract many attendees and show buzz, your exhibitors will clamber to advertise this area. Advertisers can offer an item or service for donation, or they can gain recognition by being the title advertiser.

Turnkey Activation - Save time. 3D will plan, manage and conduct your expo floor live/silent benefit auction. 3D is your complete auction management company. Exhibitors will snap up this opportunity to donate products and services. 

Auction Services IncludeProcurement of exhibitor donations auction items, generate all printed auction materials for your event including your catalog, bid sheets, gift certificates, displays, reports, letters, guest labels and thank you letters, Auction staffing, on-site event design, set-up of auction, track donors and donations; supports bundling of donations (baskets).

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