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Blender Bike Smoothies   NEW 2020

Blender Bike Smoothies

A fun, tasty, healthy promotion that engages your event community. Blender Bikes Smoothies increases booth traffic, puts people in a mood for marketing engagement and collects sales leads. Booth visitors use their own biking muscle power to blend tasty drinks.

We Take Care Of It All -  We provide turn-key activation, including branded bikes, staff, smoothie ingredients, signage, branded cups, branded napkins, and lead survey kiosks.

Sales Surveys – As attendees queue for service, sponsors take advantage of this idle time by collecting sales survey information or for product education. All guests must answer sales qualifying questions to participate.

Brand Immersion – Immerse your clients in your brand.  Each prospect spends 5 minutes at this promotion. Your brand, your banner, scripted brand ambassadors and this engaging experience will envelop your clients. Your message will be heard and remembered.

How Do Our Bikes Work? Blender Bikes Smoothies use the moving front wheel to rotate and spin a cog which in turn cranks the ice cream churn. In one hour, on one smoothie bike riders can make 60 8-oz. smoothies. Cocktails and smoothies take about 1 minute of pedaling, with an additional 2 minutes to get on and off the bike.


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