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Dog Petting Lounge   NEW 2018

Dog Petting Lounge

An Event Experience & Sponsorship Program

Wagging tails, fluffy fur and unconditional love. Welcome to the Dog Petting Lounge for conferences.

Dog Petting Lounge brings the joys of man’s best friend to events and conferences. The concept is simple, stop by for some dog play from our furry friends, feel the stress melt away and let your smile reappear. Stress therapy dogs is nationally recognized and is now available for events and sponsorship.

Sponsorship Program - What sponsor would not want to be associated with the joy of guests petting dogs and enjoying the emotional connection from this experience? Your sponsor banner will hang over the dog petting lounge, scripted brand ambassadors will greet your guests; your message will be heard and remembered.

What The Program Includes - This lounge features stress therapy dogs, handlers, brand ambassadors, signage, guest survey collection, all the necessary supplies and turnkey management. Guest photos can be included for take home mementos and social media engagement. 3D Media partners with local dog therapy organizations, ensuring expert activation and an amazing guest experience.

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