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VendPOP Sampling & Surveys   NEW IN 2018

VendPOP Sampling & Surveys

Prize give-way, products sampling, survey collection and social media engagement, VendPOP can do it all. VendPOP is a novel promotion that will seize the imagination, cuts through show ad clutter and wow your customers. Attendees are greeted by a vending machine, wrapped in a branded custom decal promoting your company and free vend gifts.

Product Sampling – Want to get products or swag into the hands of event guest? VendPOP can distribute products up to 3”D X 12”H, we can handle up to 24 different. Unique prize codes allow for specialized distribution.

Survey Collection - It’s perfect for survey collection and product sampling, if an attendee wants a gift, they must answer survey questions or participate in social engagement activities.

vendPop is a novel promotion that will seize the imagination, cuts through show ad clutter and wows your customers.

Social Media Engagement – Prior to gifts vending guests can be required to engage with their social media channels. This feature is optional. VendPOP supports : Twitter, Facebook Likes/Sharing, Instagram, and FourSquare.

Promotion Features Include

1) Custom Vending Machine Decal Wrap: seven feet high, four sides or 62’ total square feet of advertising.

2) Survey Collection: collect guest sales data. Before a gift will vend, guest are required to fill out a touch screen survey. This screen is branded and any number of questions can be asked.

3) Branded Touch-Screen Monitor: allows for survey’s, custom messaging, digital content and more, we feature a 15” monitor.


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