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Virtual Reality Theater   Featured

Virtual Reality Theater

Delivering Attendees Adventure Through The VR Experience

Virtual Reality Theater gives event guests the opportunity to experience the thrill of VR, complete with sound track and sponsor signage. Be the first to provide the VR experience to your clients. VR Theater is set up on the show floor, in high traffic locations. Bold signage will promote the sponsors for all to see.

Two VR Video Experiences To Choose From (both films are customized with pre add post role advertisements):

     1) Worldwide Action Adventures that take your guests on exciting experiences they have never been on before, like flying with the Blue Angels Precision Flight Team, skydiving, big wave surfing, scuba               diving in the China Sea, cage diving with great white sharks and more.

     2) Custom VR Videos showcasing client properties, manufacturing processes and travel destinations.

Brand Immersion – Immerse your clients in your brand.  Each prospect spends 7 minutes at this promotion. Your brand, your banner, scripted brand ambassadors and this engaging experience will envelope your clients. You message will be heard and remembered.

Qualified Sales Leads – All participants must answer sales qualifying questions to participate. You create the questions, we report them. Surveys are collected on ipad kiosks.

VR Theater Adverting Features Include -  scripted brand ambassadors, pre and post role VR video ads, branded VR goggles, branded VR pod chairs, booth signage and guest sales survey collection.


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