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Custom T-Shirt Print Studio   NEW 2019

Custom T-Shirt Print Studio

Print t-shirts live, watch as your customers line up for their complimentary branded shirt. Your guests control the creative process, picking the image, shirt color and size.  In minutes shirts are screen-printed and hand delivered, still warm from production. Crowds gather in amazement as these personal shirts are printed in real time.

Brand Immersion - Immerse your clients in your brand.  Each prospect spends 10 minutes at this promotion. Your brand, your banner and this engaging experience will envelope your clients. Your message will be heard and remembered.

Sales Lead Capture - As attendees queue for service, sponsors take advantage of this idle time by collecting sales survey information. All guests must answer sales qualifying questions to participate.

Real Time Meeting Connections - Appointments are made based upon survey responses, connecting the advertiser and booth guest. Any guest that is identified as a "hot" lead will be sent an auto email invitation to meet with the on-site sales manager. This is real time event lead generation at its quickest.

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