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Community Day Of Service  

Community Day Of Service

Corporate Responsibility Positively impacting society is a noble endeavor, the pinnacle of civilized society. Funding and citizen activism is a winning formula for creating impact on both your brand and the world. Do you want your company viewed in this light? If so “Community Day of Service” is the promotion for you.

A Team Building ExperienceYour targeted customers and prospects are invited to a day of local volunteerism, team building and picnicking at an off-site community non-profit project. Watch as your customers and prospects work together and commune; teaching at risk youth, building homes, serving food to the homeless, or planting trees. We can work with you to ensure the outing is in line with your brand and marketing goals.“Community Day of Service” can include a show-site information kiosk complete with staff, pictures of the days outing and show-site solicitation of donations.

This promotion includesevent activation, target guest list & outreach, busing, guest registration, on-site equipment as needed, and photographer

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