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Facility Tour  

Facility Tour

Facility Showcase - Bring clients through their front door. Facility Tour mixes business and socializing in amazing ways. This promotion features the perfect platform for you to showcase your facility, manufacturing techniques, scientists and officers.

Target Promotion - Guests will be personally invited to participate in the Facility Tour. The sponsor selects the target guest list and 3D Media conducts the pre-event sales and invitation campaign. Sponsor officers will have real face time with prospects, personally leading them on a tour of their facility, making introductions to department heads and allowing guests to immerse themselves in their world class facility.

Scripted Experience - On tour day, 3D Media is responsible for creating the entire experience, including management, marketing collateral, busing services, brand ambassadors, hospitality reception (hotel food/beverage), messaging and partner interface.

Turnkey Activation - Production, Installation & Measured Performance

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