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Food Concession Dining Cards  

Food Concession Dining Cards

Drive Booth Traffic & Appease Their Appetite

Booth Traffic -  Attendees go to each sponsors booth to receive their discounted food card. Cards are specifically designed and need to be activated at the advertiser’s booth prior to use. This booth visit is the advertisers opportunity to treat their targeted attendees and C-Level executives to the VIP treatment with dining credit cards. Once activated, these cards can be used to get complimentary food at designated food and concession stands throughout the convention center.

High Impact Promotion - The custom VIP Dining Card prominently displays your advertiser branding, complete with booth number and call to action. Each time the VIP Dining Card is used, your advertiser brand will be seen. As part of this promotion.

Targeted Promotion - 3D conducts a pre-event target marketing campaign to a select attendee group of C-Level executives through pre-event emails and scripted phone solicitations. Once guests have been qualified and registered, 3D mails the VIP Dining Card to guests with instructions for at-show activation.

Cause Marketing - This promotion truly places advertiser branding at guests' fingertips and into their stomachs, as they continually use the card throughout the event for much appreciated refreshments.

Turnkey Activation - Production, Installation & Measured Performance

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