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Photo Booth  

Photo Booth

Event photo mementos drive social media engagement. Pictures are taken of event guests against a green screen and then inserted into a print background chosen by you. The background can feature your event, host city or exhibitor. Our creative team will work with you to create the perfect event memento. Attendees will enjoy this picture long after the show has ended.

Social Media Engagement - Extend the promotion and sponsors brand and to their social media channels. Multiple social media activities are offered with each picture, including forwarding them to their Facebook and email accounts.

Brand Emersion – Bold graphics wall dominate this booth, complete with your branding. Each prospect spends 15 minutes at this promotion. Your message will be heard and remembered.

Data Capture – All guests must answer sales qualifying questions to participate. Your sponsor creates the questions, we report them.

Projected Performance - This promotion runs 98% to capacity, 1,500 lounge visits, the average guest spends 20 minutes engaged with your brand in booth. Including t-shirts, signage and traffic cards, we estimate 220,000 ad impressions. 

Turnkey Activationproduction, installation & measured performance.

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