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Oxygen Bar  

Oxygen Bar

Guest Experience - Oxygen Bars are "people magnets" at trade shows and conventions. They drive traffic and promote good health. Sponsors can "breathe easy" knowing they can brand a backlit billboard to increase visibility and private label appeal. Put a smile on captive attendee faces!

Brand Emersion - Each Oxygen Bar guest spends about 10 minutes at the Oxygen Bar, your message will be heard and remembered.

Advertisings Features - Branded bar, scripted brand ambassadors, and signage.

Multiple Flavors - Oxygen Bar offers a real "pick-me-up" as attendees breathe in pure oxygen, scented with lovely fragrances such as Lavender, Vanilla, Ocean Breeze and Zen.

Promotion PerformancePromotions run 98% of capacity, each prospect spends 25 minutes at promotion, sponsor enjoys 50% increase in qualified lead

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