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Silent Meeting Headsets   NEW 2020

Silent Meeting Headsets

Transform your presentations to another dimension of focus. Silent Meeting Headsets are perfect for busy expo floor meetings, presentation theaters or noisy venues. Each meeting guest is given a blue tooth headset, where presenter voice and presentation is audio broadcasted to each guest.

Silent Meeting headphones enhance attendees meeting focus, clarifies presentations and eliminates distracting white noise, that erodes the educational experience.

Adverting & Sponsorship Features – Welcome messages and advertisements can be broadcast to enhance the commercial and sponsorship value of your meetings.

Silent Disco – Headsets can be used for dance parties too. Our DJ will spin tunes, as event guest dance the night way, while Silent Meeting Headsets broadcast live. Multiple music channels, ensure your guest music tastes are met. Silent Disco is the perfect combination for those that want to dance and those that want quiet conversation.

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