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Sponsor & Industry Trivia Contest  

Sponsor & Industry Trivia Contest

Exhibitor Education - Guests answer sponsor questions and win prizes. Here's how the Facts Finding Wall works - Attendees are greeted by a branded booth, with mounted iPads to administer trivia questions. Attendees answer chosen multiple choice questions. The attendees with the highest trivia score wins.

Contest Fun -  Trivia Challenge can support contest teams if requested. This will allow contestants to band together and play as one team. This ads fun and comradery amongst teams plus an additional marketing hook.

Social AmplificationThe custom leaderboard will project the attendee’s scores, with a 1-minute delay. The leaderboard will include attendees’ first name, last name, company and score.  Leaderboard will be projected on a 55” video monitor.

Data Collection3D’s Trivia Challenge will provide an opportunity to ask attendees sales questions and if they would like follow up product/ company information. Questions can be asked pre or post contest.

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