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Sports Lounge  

Sports Lounge

Sports Lounge will be the place for sports fans and international attendees to watch current sporting events action.  Imagine attendees gathering for comradery and viewing fun. This will be an amazing branding opportunity for any company of international pavilion.

Sports Televised - Sports Lounge will have satellite TV’s showing all current sports action live or on replay. No matter what game you want to watch, the game will be televised for them. Multiple TV’s will be available along with viewing couches and tall boys.

Sports Themed Decorations - The lounge will be decorated in sports themes. Suggested decorations include astro turf, complete with painted lines, goals, international flags, team flags, team logos, team colors and live standing tournament brackets.

Lounge Seating - The Sports Lounge can also be used for seating, relaxation and networking. It will be a great respite from the hard work of walking around a trade show all day.  This proposal includes seating, tables, ect.

Contests & Games - Add contest fun by having guests fill out team brackets and winners earn prizes. Sports related arcade games and skills contests could compliment the lounge. Suggested games include: Wii Soccer, Foosball and kicking for accuracy. You select the games and we’ll build the contest.

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