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Chalk Art Ads & Mobile Engagement  

Chalk Art Ads & Mobile Engagement

Experience Art & Advertising

Blur the lines between experience art and advertising. Want your message to standout against traditional banners and advertisements? Sidewalk Chalk Art is the answer. As event guests enter and exit the convention center they will see your advertisement, strategically placed in the lobby. 

Social Amplification - Attendees love photographing and sharing chalk art. Attendees are in awe as your advertisement, or is it experience art, evolves from concept drawing to a complete sidewalk billboard. Most installations take 10 hours to complete, so audiences watch in anticipation as the art piece ad comes together.

Creative - Our creative director will work with you to customize the art piece to reinforce your message. Your advertisement will be tastefully blended into the art design. Once finished, Sidewalk Chalk Art will produce a viral buzz and countless photo opportunities.

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