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Water Bar  

Water Bar

Water Bar - The perfect hospitality promotion to hydrate your conference attendees. Fruit-infused H2O!  Infused waters are nutritious, and refreshing. Water Bar is a lounge that will greet your guests with thirst quenching, cold, sweating, colorful water coolers. 3D’s Water Bar provides bold sponsor signage, seating, mouth-watering imagery and scripted staff.  Watch as event guest line up for one infused water flavor after another.

Selected Flavors -  Lemon Zest, Watermelon  Flow, Cucumber Mello, Strawberry Smooth

Projected Performance - 1,500 lounge visits, the average guest spends 20 minutes engaged and an estimated 220,000 ad impressions. 

Advertising Features – Water Bar, water coolers, branded cups, bold signage, scripted brand ambassadors & sponsor literature distribution

Scripted Staff -  Brand Ambassadors can be scripted or handout promotional post cards, enhancing the promotion.

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